Monopol Wine Openers

The Original Monopol Wine Openers

Wine Accessories Unlimited is proud to be the importer for this fabulous superior quality line of durable uncorkers. Monopol is unquestionably the best producer of quality corkscrews in the business. At one point or another, everybody out there tries to manufacture a knock-off of their products. It may look similar, but it doesn’t come close to performing as well as the original.

The most infamous of the Monopol Wine Openers is the “Ah-So 2 Pronged Cork Extractor”. This wine opener is produced by the German manufacturer, Monopol. All openers within this product line represent the unquestionable best quality available for durable long lasting uncorking needs. All Monopol products have been copied and reproduced in other countries to compete with the “original” and all others come up short. These openers are almost indestructible. They are designed to last a lifetime.

Wine Accessories Unlimited is proud to distribute many of these great openers including The Bacchus bell corkscrew, the Barolo Bell double spindle automatic, the Fino winged, and the modern & sleek Brunello Winged cork screws.

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